The history of the UTC Participações group

Established as a holding company in 1997, UTC Participações S.A. controls several companies focused on areas that require a high degree of technical knowledge in engineering, civil construction, industrial assembly, maintenance, ship repairs and logistics.

The organization bases its strategy on the diversification and specialization of its subsidiaries, bringing an important competitive differential to its customers, as companies complement each other and gain synergy, sharing and optimizing resources and knowledge, being able to provide their customers with a complete EPC.

UTC Participações operates in the market through its controlled companies and is always focused on offering the best to its customers. In its respective business areas, it offers solutions throughout Brazil and abroad in the most diverse market segments, such as: infrastructure (railways, highways, sanitation, metro, airports, ports, hydroelectric plants, etc.), oil and gas (onshore and offshore), steel, mining, energy, chemical and petrochemical, among others.

Throughout its history, Grupo UTC has accumulated evidence of high performance and satisfaction from customers that hired it. Get to know a little more of this trajectory below:


Foundation of UTC Engenharia.

UTC Engenharia was founded by the ULTRA group to act as an assembly arm, to carry out its own projects in the petrochemical, oil and gas area. In view of the success achieved, it began to provide services to the entire Brazilian market.


Management Buyout

After a short period from 1996 to 1996, in which the company belonged to the OAS Group, the current shareholders took control of UTC Engenharia. The group, then, diversified and expanded its operations, previously restricted to the activity of industrial assembly.


Foundation of UTC Desenvolvimento Imobiliário

The diversification started with the founding of UTC DI, which focused on the sector of real estate construction for commercial developments. The sector was evolving rapidly and UTC group transformed this evolution into an opportunity for growth and diversification.


Foundation of Norte Oleum

At this time, based on its competence in the O&G sector, the Group created the company Norte Oleum to operate in the oil and gas segment, focusing on the exploration and production of oil in mature onshore fields.


Acquisition of Constran, Cobrazil and Mape

The lack of infrastructure in the country motivated the group to expand its operations to the sectors of heavy civil construction, acquiring 100% of Constran, Cobrazil and Mape, thus qualifying itself to operate in the sector of building ports, airports, subways, highways, railways, among others.


Start of the "EEP" Project

In 2011, Petrobras' Business Plan and the regulation of Local Content indicated a big demand for the construction of drilling and oil production platforms in Brazil, for the exploration of the pre-salt. Motivated by the opportunity that was opening up, the group started the construction process of the EEP shipyard, with advanced technology and with a Japanese partner, seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge to build big platforms and ships.


Concession of Airport in Viracopos

The Brazil Airports Consortium is instituted and wins the concession for the Viracopos Airport in Campinas, São Paulo. One of the largest and most important in the country, the airport has 28 fingers and was built as provided for in the concession process.


Concession of subway for line 6 of the São Paulo Metro

Start of services related to the concession to build and operate line 6 of the São Paulo Metro.


Restoration of Cobrazil's operations

Seeking to expand its areas of operation and increase its competitiveness in the industrial assembly market, the group trained Cobrazil, a company with more than 100 years of experience focused on the civil construction sector, to work in the engineering and electromechanical construction activities in the sectors of thermoelectric generation, mining, steel, pulp and paper, energy and others.


Foundation of CLIA Porto

In its area in Niterói, in front of Guanabara Bay, the group implemented the Complexo Logístico Industrial Alfandegado Portuário (Port Industrial Logistics Complex for Customs), CLIA Porto. The site has 96,000 m2 of free area and 5,000 m2 of office space. The activities include logistical support, general warehouse and customs area, in addition to the manufacture of subsea equipment, such as jumpers, manifolds, PLETs, PLEMs, ILTs and others.


Foundation of Constran Internacional

With Constran Internacional, the group starts to operate in all areas of heavy construction with a focus on public and private areas. MAPE, another company in the group, is focused on light, public and private Civil Construction.


Foundation of Heftos

With a focus on the oil and gas sector, Heftos operates in expansions, renovations, maintenance and repair of industrial units in operation, such as offshore oil platforms (Floating Production Storage and Offloading - FPSO), Natural Gas Processing Plants (NGPP) and refineries.


Foundation of UTC Internacional and Cobrazil Construções

In synergy with Heftos, UTC Internacional focuses on the engineering and construction of new FPSO, NGPP and refineries. In the same year, the group founded Cobrazil Construções, adding to the company reestablished in 2016 a participation in the markets of photovoltaic generation, power distribution, terminals and ports, aluminum, fertilizers and other transformation industries.

UTC Group's Strategic Plan is dynamic and is periodically formulated and revised. Its rigorous and disciplined implementation is the main factor in retaining, attracting and developing highly qualified professionals, acquiring advanced software, hardware, machinery and equipment and maintaining constantly evolving highly effective management systems for engineering and construction activities. The results are shown by the growing and sustainable participation in the sectors in which the group operates.

About UTC Participações

UTC Participações' strategy is focused on the diversification of businesses and markets and on the synergy and complementarity between the controlled companies that act together, adding value to the projects.

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